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Garmenter is for those creative individuals, who understand the pleasure that comes from making clothes, but who are not necessarily experienced tailors. We enhance the design experience and outcome, by simplifying and personalizing the process of creating pretty much any garment. With Garmenter products, every piece you create can be made to fit your unique vision and your particular figure.

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We at Garmenter want to start a DIY revolution, where all the clothes we make are designed by ourselves and for ourselves. So we’re lowering our prices with more than 20%, to give you all the best deal possible on our range of sewing patterns! Continue reading

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I know it looks like I could be poppin’ out twins any second now, but it's just one, and I still have one long pregnant month left   Some of you may have noticed the radio silence here at Garmenter. There are a couple of reasons for this, and it’s about time I... Continue reading